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Weight Loss On Keto . Why Sleep is Important?


Getting enough sleep is important for everyone. Lack of sleep can impair mental awareness and weight loss on keto which can have an impact on all areas of life. During a busy lifestyle, some people try to make more waking hours by cutting back on sleep to make the day longer. This can have health implications as it could lead to mental fatigue and bizarrely cause you to put on weight.



During sleep, the human body produces hormones that help us to control appetite and feel full after we’ve eaten. The hormones leptin and ghrelin need a careful balance; to put it simply, if these hormones are maintained to the right levels, it is possible to gain weight. Ghrelin is the hormone that stimulates the appetite and leptin is the hormone that tells us when we are full. If the levels of these hormones are upset, then our appetite could increase and also not feel full following a meal. This can help contribute to weight gain.

 Sleep on keto

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Anybody that is trying to weight loss on keto must ensure that they get enough sleep. The task of losing weight can become much more difficult without adequate sleep as your hormones will be out of balance, so you may feel more hungry and not feel full once you have eaten which could lead to snacking. This can be a very difficult circle to break out of. However, if you increase levels of sleep you will give your body the chance to recover the hormone levels back to the correct levels.

Lack of sleep can also affect how the body stores and processes carbohydrates. A poor nights sleep can leave you feeling exhausted and lacking in energy and as a response, you may reach for a snack to try and re-energize. However, some snacks that offer a quick fix of energy are often high in carbohydrates which again can have an impact on your weight if your body cannot store and process carbohydrates effectively. It is also easier to succumb to food cravings if you are feeling tired and lacking in energy. This is another circle that can be difficult to break out of. Again, it is essential to allow the body to try to correct these matters by getting enough sleep.

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Exercise can form part of a weight loss program but if the body is tired, it will be quite difficult to do this at the level needed to aid weight loss. Exercise does require energy and also some thought. If the mind is tired, it will be very difficult to perform movements necessary for weight loss. Also, if you are physically tired, it will be very difficult to find the motivation to exercise and it will become much easier to give up trying. Getting enough sleep will allow the body and mind to get enough rest to function correctly.

Getting enough sleep is vital if you are on a weight loss program. Hormone levels can be corrected and the body and the mind can also get valuable rest. Getting enough sleep can also improve mood and general demeanor which may also be necessary for making a weight loss program a successful one.

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