Visualization Techniques for Sports Performance w/ Olympian, Jen Rhines

Visualization Techniques for Sports Performance w/ Olympian, Jen Rhines
Jen Rhines is a 3X Olympian! She shares training, recovery and mindset tips that helped her success in her long professional running career.

Connect with Jen: https://www.instagram.com/jenrhines

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

05:23 Tracking metrics, like HRV and heartrate can keep you from overtraining.
08:05 Intuition, metrics and scientific data are tools Jen has used to be a champion endurance runner.
11:30 Jen uses muscle testing or an intuitive to help tweak her nutrition/supplementation.
13:33 Intuition can help you get to the root of what you need to work on.
17:14 Jen never restricted calories and recovered so well from her races and workouts that she was able to maintain her menstrual cycle throughout her career.
25:09 Mindset is key. Some top level women runners are 40 years old. You need to believe that you can still get faster.
29:09 There is a difference between optimal performance and longevity.
31:15 Ketones do not rise very high in physically fit individuals.
34:24 Jen began visualizing running races and fighting off chronic sinus infections early in college.
48:40 Most elite athletes have something a little off or a chip on their shoulder, that provides extra motivation.
50:35 Resistance training has been part of Jen’s program for the majority of her career.
31:30 Make sure you use proper mechanics when doing resistance training.
54:03 Pre-workout nutrition for performance includes carbs.
57:12 Exercise mimics the metabolic effects of fasting.
57:34 Jen gets bloodwork done 3 or more times a year. She tracks iron, ferritin and vitamin D.
01:00:11 Branch chain amino acids provide good support for heavy training.
01:01:35 Jen takes acetyl l-carnitine for mitochondrial health and fat burning.
01:02:21 Coffee is part of Jen’s pre-workout/pre-race intake.
01:03:54 Jen’s morning routine used to be getting ready to train. Now she often does productive and creative work during the early part of the day.
01:06:49 Jen’s most critical supplement for performance is essential fatty acids.
01:08:47 Jen’s elevator pitch is to improve the standard American diet by educating them about processed foods and poor quality oils.
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