Keto diet for diabetes

Keto Diet for Diabetes: How It Works And What You Need To Know

Diabetes is the fastest growing disease right now. It’s based on lifestyle rather than genetics. It was not so prevalent in the early 1900s.

30 million Americans have diabetes according to 2015 report from the American Diabetes Association. Additionally, 84 million Americans have pre-diabetes. It is also the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S.

We have practically created this issue. One of the major reasons is that we are consuming food in abundance. There are plenty of other reasons too such as smoking, skipping food, lack of physical activity, and even to an extent, genetics too.

Diabetes is definitely not a life sentence. There are many ways you can address the issue – detoxing, neurological route, exercising and dieting. As keto fans, we ought to explain how keto diet improves the case of diabetes.

How Keto Diet for Diabetes Works

To know how Keto diet helps your case, you need to understand diabetes itself. There are two types of diabetic conditions – Insulin dependence and insulin resistance.

The former is where your body is not producing as much insulin. You can inject insulin in your body or use insulin pumps. The latter is a condition where your body isn’t receptive to insulin levels in the body. Even though your body has insulin, the cell receptor sides won’t even read it.

Back in the ’80s, the propaganda was against fats. It was considered as major contributors to diabetes. It was antagonized more than you can imagine.

The instructions were to check the consumption of red meat, eggs, and dairy and basically eat less fat. People were advised to replace those calories with fruits, vegetables and basically carbohydrates.


However, since the ’80s diabetes started to spike at an alarming rate. All we did was consuming all these grains instead of adding healthy fats in our diet. The concept of healthy vs. unhealthy fats reached people a lot later. Simply put, reducing fat consumption didn’t work at all.

Keto diet is based on this biological process called ketosis. It aims at driving your metabolism towards using fats as a source of energy. What happens when you avoid fats is you consume too much carbohydrate. As a result, you put on too much glycemic load on your body.

Glycemic load or its index is a measure of how much does carbohydrates influence your blood sugar. The high carbs food actually spikes your insulin levels. This is where ketosis comes very handy.

Keto diet doesn’t require too much insulin. It tackles the problem of insulin dependence so perfectly. Moreover, ketosis helps reduce inflammation. For a fact, inflammation is the top cause of insulin resistance. Thus the keto diet kills two birds in one stone. We are tackling both types of diabetes here.

We are changing the entire metabolic setup here. It’s not another set of food items on your diet chart. We are training our body to use fats as sources of energy.

The bad fats are replaced with the good ones in the keto diet. The diet eliminates toxins, sugars, bad meat, etc… It incorporates all the healthier versions of fats which in turn are spent as fuel.

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