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Creatine has been around far longer than you might think. So what is the best creatine? It was actually discovered by a Frenchman in the early to mid-1800’s; however, it has only been available in its current form as a supplement since the early 1990s.

Many people wonder about creatine and if it’s safe to use and if it will in actual fact help them in their quest for a muscle-bound body. The purpose of this article is to clear up any questions you may have so if you do decide to use it, you’re armed with all of the right information.

What is Creatine?

creatine phosphate is an organic acid that occurs naturally in the body and is produced by the kidney and liver.  It is responsible for supplying energy to every cell in the body. Many bodybuilders and athletes use creatine supplements to increase the amount of creatine hydrochloride in their bodies, replicating the effects of a very high protein diet, in the hope to aid rapid muscle growth.

How does it Work?

What vegan creatine does is increase your ability to work out for longer by super-hydrating muscles. This means that you can lift weights and do other muscle building activities longer without feeling tired. The longer you can work out for, the more effect this will have when you’re attempting to create that Adonis type physique.

Why should you Use Creatine?

Creatine aids muscle storage so if you’re looking to increase the amount of muscle on your body you should definitely consider creatine as a dietary supplement. It will boost your energy levels and will help you build muscle much more quickly. It has been found to be especially beneficial to vegetarians who often have much lower levels of natural creatine than meat eaters.

Will it help me Lose Fat?

The longer you work out and the more calories than you burn when you’re in the gym, the more fat you will lose. Not only that, it will be replaced with muscle. By the way, if you’re looking to lose fat, forget about the weighing scales once you have started to build muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat and even though you might be tipping the scales slightly heavier than you wish to be, this could be because you have gained more muscle.

When to take Creatine?

In the beginning, it’s recommended that you take between 10-20g per day for 2 weeks, after that you can take 3-6g per day just to make sure that you keep the levels where they should be.

Is Creatine Safe?

Although there has been a small number of reports of kidney problems related to the usage of creatine, the vast majority of current medical studies on creatine on keto have concluded that for people in good health, the use of creatine should be free of any side effects. However, those with known allergies should consult their doctors before consuming creatine supplements.

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